Kerem Koc at Perge

Tour the Seven Churches of Revelation with Kerem Koç

Two millenia ago, Jesus revealed himself to the Apostle John. The Word given to the Seven Churches of Asia is the same inspired scripture that teaches Christ's churches today.

You'll be accompanied by both an expert guide and a trusted church leader as you explore the depths of Scripture in the midst of the ruins where that Word was first sent.

Meet Kerem

I'm Kerem, a native of Galatia, with an unwavering faith that has anchored me for over 22 years. As a Christian and as a Turkish local deeply immersed in Turkey's biblical sites, I am your dedicated guide to curate the perfect tour through these places .

Kerem Koç
Regional Director, Acts29

Visiting the seven churches was a great reminder that our faith is rooted in history. It didn't just give a historical perspective but humanized the faithful saints laboring for the Lord before us, refreshing the work the Lord has called us to today.

Pastor Craig Parish
Reno, Nevada USA

Kerem is the best companion on the 7 Churches Tour! He is super knowledgeable and you'll never want him to stop sharing stories! Kerem brings a unique passion to these tours too. He is eager to tell the stories of God's work in these ancient cities, but he also loves modern day Turkey and fervently believes God is not done with this land. Kerem has dedicated his life to carrying on the gospel witness started by the Apostle Paul in this region, and he does it so faithfully. So along the way we didn't just learn about old cities, we got to experience the beauty of praying for the Turkish people and petitioning God to build his church. Go book a tour with Kerem! You leave with not just a head full of knowledge, but a heart full of excitement about who Jesus and how He is changing the world.

Pastor Nick Ranieri
Los Angeles, CA USA

Kerem is the real deal. He is not just a tour guide but a local pastor and historian. His passion and extensive knowledge of the bible, church history, and archeology are incredible. My wife and I had an amazing time on the tour of seven churches. I don't want to oversell this, but you won't find a better guide or sherpa through the ancient world than with Pastor Kerem.

Pastor Aaron Gibbs
Laodicea Pillars
May 17
Antalya, Turkey (AYT)

Fly to Antalya, Turkey (AYT), where you'll be greeted by your guide.

Please note that at the conclusion of the tour guests will depart from a different city and airport than arrival. Return flight should be arranged from Izmir (ADB) and not Antalya (AYT).

Overnight in Antalya

May 18
Day One

Start your journey of the biblical sites with a tour of Perga, famous for its historical ruins and known for the separation of Paul and John Mark.

Enjoy dinner with a local family, immersing yourself in the rich traditions and hospitality of Turkey.

Overnight in Antalya

May 19
Day Two
Local Church Visit & Tour of Pastor's Academy

Visit Via Christus Academy, which is supported by Acts 29. This theological and Christian life education program  comes alongside local churches in discipling mature leaders in God’s Word. Enjoy an opportunity to pray, learn and see how to get involved with ministry in Turkey.

Experience God's hand at work in his Church today. Join with local believers as they proclaim the timeless truths that were once declared here by the Apostles themselves.

Overnight in Antalya

May 20
Day Three
Laodicea, Hierapolis, & Collosae

Spend the morning enjoying the beautiful scenery while crossing the Taurus Mountains on your journey north, followed by a tour of the ancient city of Laodicea, a picturesque reminder of the "lukewarm" church.

Later, explore Hierapolis, the land of hot springs, the illusion of snow, and one of the best-preserved ancient theaters in Turkey.

Spend some time in the lovely landscape of the Colossians, contemplating the fullness of life in Christ as explained by the Apostle Paul.

Overnight in Pamukkale

May 21
Day Four
Sardis, Philadelphia, & Thyatira

Enjoy a scenic drive to Hermes Valley where you'll briefly stop to visit Philadelphia, the city of martyrs. Then spend the morning in Sardis, the place of myriad faiths, creeds, and empires.

After lunch, spend some time in Thyatira,  where the Apostle Paul established a strong Christian community  through his ministry.  

Spend the rest of the afternoon driving through the beautiful countryside.

Overnight in Izmir

May 22
Day Five
Pergamum & Smyrna

Start your journey with a tour of Smyrna, a principal city of the Roman  Empire vying for the title "First City of Asia."

Then take a short drive  to the sweeping views from the Acropolis of Pergamum, the city of  mythological mystery.

Overnight in Izmir

May 23
Day Six

Spend the morning enjoying the ancient city of Ephesus, where the Apostle Paul’s School of Tyrannus unleashed the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout Asia.

Enjoy Turkish hospitality and culture for lunch with Osman, witnessing history through the craft of carpet weaving.

Then, visit one of the world’s oldest baptismals at St. John’s Basilica. Spend some time in the Ephesus museum, which houses the original statues of Artemis.

Transfer to Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport (ADB) by 6:00 pm.

*Overnight in Izmir followed by May 24 morning airport transfer available by request.

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