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Tour the Seven Churches of Revelation

Two millenia ago, Jesus revealed himself to the Apostle John. The Word given to the Seven Churches of Asia is the same inspired scripture that teaches Christ's churches today.

Join us as we explore the depths of Scripture in the midst of the ruins where that Word was first sent.

Laodicea Pillars
Day One
Smyrna, Pergamon, & Thyatira

Start your journey with a tour of Smyrna, a principal city of the Roman  Empire vying for the title "First City of Asia." Then take a drive  to the sweeping views from the Acropolis of Pergamon, the city of  mythological mystery. After lunch, you'll then take time to enjoy Thyatira,  where the Apostle Paul visited and established a strong Christian community  through his ministry.  

Day Two
Sardis & Philadelphia

Enjoy Sardis, the place of myriad faiths, creeds, ethnicities, and empires. Witness how the Temple of Artemis collides with a Byzantine church building. Then, take a scenic drive to Hermes Valley where you'll stop to visit Philadelphia, the city of martyrs. Enjoy the local cuisine for lunch before spending a relaxing afternoon driving through the beautiful countryside.

Day Three

Spend the morning enjoying the ancient city of Laodicea, a picturesquereminder of the "lukewarm" church. Then, explore Hierapolis, the landof hot springs and the illusion of snow.

Day Four

Spend the morning enjoying the ancient city of Ephesus, where the ApostlePaul’s School of Tyrannus unleashed the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout Asia. After Ephesus, enjoy local cuisine in a nearby town. Then, visit St. John’s Basilica and witness one of the world’s oldest baptismals.

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