OCTOBER 27-31, 2025

Tour the Seven Churches of Revelation with ConradMbewe

Two millenia ago, Jesus revealed himself to the Apostle John. The Word given to the Seven Churches of Asia is the same inspired scripture that teaches Christ's churches today.

You'll be accompanied by both an expert guide and Conrad Mbewe, a trusted church pastor, as you explore the depths of Scripture in the midst of the ruins where that Word was first sent.

Meet Conrad

Conrad Mbewe has served as pastor of Kabwata Baptist Church in Lusaka, Zambia, since 1987. He is the founding chancellor of the African Christian University and a frequent conference speaker across Africa and globally. He is the author of several books, including God's Design for the Church: A Guide for African Pastors and Ministry Leaders and Unity: Striving Side by Side for the Gospel. He and his wife, Felistas, are blessed with three children and three foster children.

Conrad Mbewe
Pastor of Kabwata Baptist Church,
Founding Chancellor of the African Christian University,
and author of many books.
Laodicea Pillars
October 27
Izmir, Turkey (ADB)

Fly to Izmir, Turkey (Ancient Smyrna), where you'll be greeted by your guide.

Overnight in Izmir

October 28
Day One
Pergamum & Smyrna

Start your journey with a tour of Smyrna, a principal city of the Roman  Empire vying for the title "First City of Asia."

Then take a short drive  to the sweeping views from the Acropolis of Pergamum, the city of  mythological mystery.

Overnight in Izmir

October 29
Day Two
Sardis, Philadelphia, & Thyatira

Enjoy a scenic drive to Hermes Valley where you'll briefly stop to visit Philadelphia, the city of martyrs. Then spend the morning in Sardis, the place of myriad faiths, creeds, and empires.

After lunch, spend some time in Thyatira,  where the Apostle Paul established a strong Christian community  through his ministry.  

Spend the rest of the afternoon driving through the beautiful countryside en route to Laodicea.

Overnight in Pamukkale

October 30
Day Three
Laodicea, Hierapolis, & Collosae

Spend the morning enjoying the beautiful scenery while crossing the Taurus Mountains on your journey north, followed by a tour of the ancient city of Laodicea, a picturesque reminder of the "lukewarm" church.

Later, explore Hierapolis, the land of hot springs, the illusion of snow, and one of the best-preserved ancient theaters in Turkey.

Enjoy a leisurely drive to the coast in the afternoon.

Overnight in Kuşadası

October 31
Day Four

Spend the morning enjoying the ancient city of Ephesus, where the Apostle Paul’s School of Tyrannus unleashed the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout Asia.

Enjoy Turkish hospitality and culture for lunch with Osman, witnessing history through the craft of carpet weaving.

Then, visit one of the world’s oldest baptismals at St. John’s Basilica. Spend some time in the Ephesus museum, which houses the original statues of Artemis.

Transfer to Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport (ADB) by 6:00 pm.

*Overnight in Izmir followed by November 1 morning airport transfer available by request.

On Conrad's book Unity: Striving Side by Side for the Gospel:

"Conrad Mbewe displays the rare ability to combine simplicity and profundity. Here, he turns this gift to a consideration of evangelical unity—both its indicatives (the unity that has been secured by Christ and worked out in us by the Spirit) and its imperatives (how this great reality must drive us toward intentionally living out such unity). We soon see that the duty of unity is not an optional extra for believers but simply the outworking of the gospel in our lives."

D. A. Carson
Theologian-at-Large, The Gospel Coalition

On Conrad's book God's Design for the Church: A Guide for African Pastors and Ministry Leaders:

"This book is Conrad Mbewe’s equivalent of Paul’s pastoral letters. It is the wisdom of the Scriptures steeped in decades of personal experience, delivered in fresh African illustrations and applications that help even this North American pastor understand God’s Word better. Having known Mbewe for a quarter of a century, having been in his church and he in mine, I could not think of a better person to write such a volume. This book reflects the teaching of the Bible in ways that both encourage and challenge today’s readers. Mbewe’s writing is clear and simple, elegant and gospel-celebrating. This book is delightful. Enjoy and be edified. The last chapter is gold."

Mark Dever
Pastor, Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Washington, DC

On Conrad's book God's Design for the Church: A Guide for African Pastors and Ministry Leaders:

"I love Conrad Mbewe, and I love this book! This is a faithful, readable, and practical exploration of the doctrine of the church. As a Presbyterian, I might quibble with a Baptist point here or there, but that doesn’t take away from my overall enthusiasm. Mbewe has written an excellent book that is attuned to the cultural dynamics of Africa but beneficial for Christians everywhere. I hope this wise and accessible work finds a wide audience."

Kevin DeYoung
Senior Pastor, Christ Covenant Church; Associate Professor of Systematic Theology, RTS Charlotte
Tea Salesman Istanbul


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