OCTOBER 18-21, 2025

Tour the Seven Churches of Revelation with Shawn Wright

Come and experience life as it was for ancient believers in Asia Minor. See the ruins and landscapes that played a part in their everyday lives. Walk in their footsteps!

You'll be accompanied by an expert guide and Hershael York, a trusted Christian leader, as you explore the depths of Scripture in the midst of the ruins where the Apostles themselves walked.

Meet Shawn

Shawn Wright is a Professor of Church History at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and a member of the Evangelical Theological Society. Additionally, he serves as the Pastor of Leadership Development at Clifton Baptist Church. He has authored the book 40 Questions About Calvinism. Shawn is married to Gretchen, and together they have five children.

Shawn Wright
Pastor at Clifton Baptist Church,
Professor of Church History at SBTS,
Member of ETS
Laodicea Pillars
October 17
Izmir, Turkey (ADB)

Fly to Izmir, Turkey (Ancient Smyrna), where you'll be greeted by your guide.

Overnight in Izmir

October 18
Day One
Pergamum & Smyrna

Start your journey with a tour of Smyrna, a principal city of the Roman  Empire vying for the title "First City of Asia."

Then take a short drive  to the sweeping views from the Acropolis of Pergamum, the city of  mythological mystery.

Overnight in Izmir

October 19
Day Two
Sardis, Philadelphia, & Thyatira

Enjoy a scenic drive to Hermes Valley where you'll briefly stop to visit Philadelphia, the city of martyrs. Then spend the morning in Sardis, the place of myriad faiths, creeds, and empires.

After lunch, spend some time in Thyatira,  where the Apostle Paul established a strong Christian community  through his ministry.  

Spend the rest of the afternoon driving through the beautiful countryside en route to Laodicea.

Overnight in Pamukkale

October 20
Day Three
Laodicea, Hierapolis, & Collosae

Spend the morning enjoying the beautiful scenery while crossing the Taurus Mountains on your journey north, followed by a tour of the ancient city of Laodicea, a picturesque reminder of the "lukewarm" church.

Later, explore Hierapolis, the land of hot springs, the illusion of snow, and one of the best-preserved ancient theaters in Turkey.

Enjoy a leisurely drive to the coast in the afternoon.

Overnight in Kuşadası

October 21
Day Four

Spend the morning enjoying the ancient city of Ephesus, where the Apostle Paul’s School of Tyrannus unleashed the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout Asia.

Enjoy Turkish hospitality and culture for lunch with Osman, witnessing history through the craft of carpet weaving.

Then, visit one of the world’s oldest baptismals at St. John’s Basilica. Spend some time in the Ephesus museum, which houses the original statues of Artemis.

Transfer to Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport (ADB) by 6:00 pm.

*Overnight in Izmir followed by October 22 morning airport transfer available by request.

On Shawn's book, 40 Questions on Calvinism:

"Shawn Wright’s book on Calvinism is biblically rooted, theologically astute, historically informed, and pastorally shaped. Wright lucidly explains the tenets of Calvinism, answers common misconceptions about it, and refutes objections to Calvinist soteriology. Wright’s book is the first I would give to anyone with questions about Calvinism, as a pastoral, warm-hearted love for the gospel, missions, and holiness pervades this work. I recommend it enthusiastically."

Thomas R. Schreiner
Professor and Associate Dean at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

On Shawn's book, Theodore Beza: The Man and the Myth:

"Wright's own instincts of pastoral sympathy help clear away much of the historiographical garbage that has accumulated around the legacy of Beza and made him a feared stepchild of the Reformation."

Tom Nettles
Senior Professor of Historical Theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

On Shawn's book, Theodore Beza: The Man and the Myth:

"Shawn Wright is a rare gift: a careful historian with a pastor's heart. In this moving tribute to Beza, Wright captures the true man behind the myth and demonstrates why Beza should be both relevant and inspiring to the modern pastor."

Brian Croft
Pastor at Auburndale Baptist Church and Founder of Practical Shepherding
Tea Salesman Istanbul


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